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A Pass trolls Bebe Cool over begging for collabo with Kanye

A collage of singers A Pass and bebe Cool

We know Uganda is a homophobic country, but a marriage between A Pass and bebe Cool wouldn’t hurt. I mean, the two are always on each other’s skins, looking for a tiny pimple to scratch.

On Saturday night, 41-year-old top Ugandan reggae and ragga musician Bebe Cool took to social media to beg American rapper Kanye West for a collabo.

He further noted that if his request to the internationally acclaimed rapper doesn’t go through, he will understand but at least he will have tried his luck by doing what he thinks all African artists would want.

However, some people will never let Bebe Cool get away with his actions, and one of these is A Pass Bagonza.

The 29-year-old singer on his Facebook and twitter pages, said Bebe Cool can only appear in Kanye West’s video as a dancer, not a singer.

“At the moment, am in Uganda with Kanye West, while you begged for a collabo. But I think you should request for a collabo with Full Figure, however he is a People Power person.”

“I feel you can be in his video as a dancer, with the monkey dance. But please, leave music for us my dear,” his post, which is partly written in Luganda reads.

He further asked Bebe Cool to stay in the US, where he is on a business trip.

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