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The sparkling new faces of LiveWire

Gabriella Bridget Ntaate and Precious Remmy Nakitto

Motormouths: Gabriella Bridget Ntaate, Precious Remmy Nakitto and Caroline Marcah Mirembe are the new faces on Spark TV’s Live Wire. Who are they and how did they get here? Lawrence Ogwal caught up with them.

Are you guys excited to be doing one of the biggest gossip shows on TV?
Of course we are excited to have the opportunity of doing a show that relates with the young generation. The show is 80 per cent local content that our age bracket is comfortable with.

You are three presenters, so how does that work?
We are not always three on the show, Gabriella comes in on the weekend. One thing we have in common is we are quick to adapt to a particular situation, we are perfectionists and we want to deal with quality.

How did you manage to connect on the show instantly?
We knew each other before coming for the show, although not on a personal level but we had many things in common, which helped us to automatically blend in.

What feedback are you getting from viewers so far?
They say the show has nice presenters with nice looking bodies. The viewers also think we are stylish and decent.

No negative feedback?
Some people think we are imitating the former presenters but we have accepted the criticism because it makes us better each day.

Do you feel like you are copycats?
The show has a specific script and we follow what the producer of the show tells us to do. If they say gossip is supposed to be delivered in a certain tone that is what we shall do. We are just doing another version of Live Wire.

What makes you different?
We are professional. We bring the news with evidence and verify news from our reporters with the sources. We have received calls from the artistes and other sources saying we report positively.

What are the good things that have come with this new job?
There is better pay, we have privileges wherever we go and we have met new people and on top of all that, we have become part of the Nation Media family.

Any bad things?
We have lost friends who think we are too good because we are on TV, and then our celebrity friends do not want to hang with us anymore because they think we shall report about their private lives on TV.

Besides TV…
Gabriella: I am an actress on the Honourables, a UN activist and a professional counsellor. Also part of my job involves travelling a lot.

Caroline: I am a stylist, I own a boutique on Equatorial Mall. I am a home person because I like spending time with my five-year-old son.

Remmy: I love fellowshipping, writing and reading.

How they joined Spark TV
Gabriella: It is not my first time being on Live Wire. I presented for three months when Anna was on maternity leave, so when they left, I was called back to fill the position.
Remmy: I was into Fashion and Design, I have my own band where I sing gospel music and it is how they contacted me for the job.

Caroline: I was at Record TV but resigned because they wanted me to work for longer hours, which I could not handle. When I received a call to do Live Wire, I welcomed the opportunity.

Preparing for the show

They report hours before the show, making sure they are all at office by noon. They sit down with their producer, rehearse for the show, verify the content and call sources to make sure the stories are not false.
If the stories are many, they keep the ones that can wait and present them in subsequent shows. The presenters also expressed respect for the former show hosts, saying they paved a way for them.

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