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Jane Assumpta raising Masaka’s music flag

FOCUSED: Jane Assumpta did not have it easy growing up, but that did not stop her from hustling and eventually pursuing a music career



Briefly tell us about yourself
My name is Jane Assumpta. I grew up in a devout Catholic family in Masaka Town. I believe it is God who has been my guide through this music journey.

How did you end up doing music?
I grew up loving music. At 10 years, I was involved in Charismatic groups where we would sing. Here, I was able to participate in church music with Gospel Grover’s, a music group which was also doing dance and drama.

When did you start doing this professionally?
My first song was called Mutima Gwange, a gospel song I composed in 2010. It was recorded at Shs100,000 in Kampala and it is that song that helped me rise to fame.

What came after Mutima Gwange
In 2011, I went to South Sudan with a group of preachers and singers to advocate for peace and unity following the civil war. While there, I composed two songs: Liberation of South Sudan and We Need Peace.

You have a song called Children of Africa, which was a hit on Masaka airwaves. What is the story behind that song?
Children of Africa is a fresh project. It is a nice song based on a true story and I am happy my fans loved it. The idea came after realising that there is a lot we do not see, especially about our children. Some are raped, sacrificed in rituals, forced into early marriages, kidnapped and denied education. So I came up with the song as a way to advocate for children’s rights.

What does it take to compose a song?
You must have the passion for music. Also, you have to be patient. I always move with a pen and paper in my bag. I compose songs basing on what I smell and see around me.

Tell us about your education background.
The opportunity for school was a struggle for me. I lost my grandmother when I was three years old but I managed to get help from the church. I attended St Modesta Primary and secondary school, where I studied upto Senior Four.

What did you do after school?
I went to Kitovu Parish, where I worked as a parish secretary and later joined Masaka Diocesan Development Organisation, which we promotes entrepreneurship. After a while, I joined Kimanya Children’s Ministry, an organisation taking care of children.

Who would you say inspired you to join music?
Juliana Kanyomozi. Her song Kanyimbe left me with a lot of imagination and the more I listen to that song, the more I praise God because my life has been a struggle. I feel there is a moment of redemption in my life.

Do you play any instruments?
I play the drums and piano.

Besides music, what else do you do?
I am a farmer; I grow pumpkin and keep poultry. I am also the coordinator SOS Kinderhilfe, an NGO based in Germany, which helps women get out of poverty.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I hope to be the woman at the centre of advocating for human rights, especially children and I hope to use my music to preach for a corruption-free Uganda.

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