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Four One One

Fans react to Chameleone-Daniella divorce

Jose Chameleone and Daniella Atim

The Leon Island boss Jose Chameleone aka Jose Chameleone, on Sunday morning posted on his social media pages that he was heartbroken but he had to make a decision, finally.

“I let you be Daniella. God bless you always. I can’t prove myself more than I have,” said the singer in his message.

The celebrated musician said that he is now a single man, although not searching.

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Daniella  Atim, who is the lawfully wedded wife to the musician last year went to court seeking to end their nine-year marriage with Chameleone.

At that time, the mother of his five children accused Chameleone of cruelty, saying that the singer would beat her whenever he returned home. She said she had endured the treatment since 2013.

However, the singer stated in a Facebook live stream then, that there would be no divorce and that he loved his wife very much.

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Meanwhile, many followers and fans of the celebrated musician and those of his wife Daniella have took to their social media accounts to react to the news of divorce.

Below are some of the reactions from our facebook post 

Atiku BenardShe must be pregnant, that is how the hormonal changes make them behave! Remind yourself of the words you said “for better, for worse” this is a small problem!

Mark HenryAfter reading this, I threw my phone away in displeasure and annoyance.. I held it back of course after a while.. Mehn this is sad. Very sad sad sad sad .. I wish you can rebuke this.. !!.. I still love you Jose chameleon… Pliz get the Mayanja in you settled!!

Jamilah Namutamba
Jose please calm down everything wil be fine I hate this on yo page kale I love to see you and daniella together. Okay jose am anoyed I wil be back wen ure back together wit mama wa baana

Sha BylahThe inner soul of ur woman is always seen bambi abeera munakuwavu ever Kati nze am not surprised let her find happiness somewhere else

Kyomugisha PaulaWhatever bad things you’re doing to her stop, coz I know your indisciplined Karamagis blood can’t give you peace, apologize and make it upto his family…..

Sumaya L Kiryowa Stop ur comedy attention seeker Daniella has done this several tymz tukimanyi wagwa but try other things kano kagaanye ????? u hv done alot of things to seek attention plus un dressing ur wyf.

Ekaba ThomasEffects of marrying slay queens…however much u try to please her if slaying is in the blood they can’t settle.

AJ JudithMarriage institution is not easy.. Any time things fall apart. We got to be prepared to face the aftermath of break ups.. All the best Jose n Daniela as you part ways at least you both gave in your best but it just failed to mature.

Ibbi LydiaThose judging them its not good. You have no idea what they went through. They are also humans like u..

Kitandwe BoscoChameleon is talking from an angle of ignorance. His pronouncement that he has ended his marriage with Daniella is frivolous and vexatious. Since he is legally married to Daniella, it’s only the family Court which has jurisdiction to issue a decree absolute. As per the law, chameleon is still married to Daniella b’se he does not have the powers to end the marriage

Stephen Rex Olukor. It gives bazzukulu a very bad image. The 74-year-old grand dad in State House won’t stop patronising these bunch of millennials.

Bk Josephine. Are we his online in-laws? Why are we being tagged at their point of break up? Go end your marriage in silence.

Pearl Wendy Kisakiyiika. Eh Bambi sorry to them both.. these kinds of decisions are never easy but what has to be done-has to be done. 

Kimanzi Chris. When you fall in love with a woman’s skin complexion rather than her brains and beauty be sure you will regret .Light skin ladies pretty much have porridge in their brains no sense at all. And oh my they are awful in bed ! .The darker the berry the sweeter the juice . Am saying this from experience . If you annoyed come beat me i am in my toilet downloading .

Muhwezi Denis. No news.I separated with mine 8 years a go and the sun still rises east to west .

Bukirwa Kaddu Sara. Why every time coming in news papers let them settles their marriages outside media

Stev Ejokus.
 Dr Dre plis sit down and talk issues out those kids need both of u plis I pray the Lord Jesus Christ grant ur home peace

Davis Nayebare. These women empowerment charities won’t leave any marriage standing. God gave us a woman to be submissive to a man but wen this is opposite in your marriage it becomes vivid it won’t last.

Kimanzi Chris. Chameleone you did the same thing last year .After that you immediately released a new song and claimed to have reconciled with Daniella. I can see you have become like Museveni when the pressure from Bazzukulus of music like Fik fameica, Geosteady etc is getting to u ., this cheap ,outdated stunt of “i have broken up with Daniella” is what you always run to so you can be in the news. My friend style up . Look for other better stunts for example you can masturbate in public you will grab headlines. Stop using innocent Daniella for your outdated stunts.

David Nsubuga. Then she will be pregnant again and then they go to America then come back and divorce agn OK Thts the partner u cant leave someone u hv 5 children with as simple as Tht can he take it if found me marrying Daniela and being a step dad to his children let him ask bebe the last time zuena left


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