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I do not dress dirty, I am just sexy – Desire

Desire Luzinda

Embracing Christ: Desire Luzinda has had quite a rocky life ever since her nude photos leaked. Although the incident was later embraced as a blessing in disguise leading to the success of her song Kitone, this did not last. Now after a few years of silence, the singer is Born Again. Lawrence Ogwal caught up with her on this new chapter.

You have not been consistent in the music industry…
I have been going through a transition and during that time, I have been in studio doing an album called Transition. The album defines a brand new Desire Luzinda, brand new music and in future, the songs I do will all be gospel.

When did this transition start?
In 2016. I joined a church and started singing in the choir. I will not mention which church because I was there and left since it was no longer working for me.

Did you give your life to God for real or it is a publicity stunt to sell your new album?
It is a matter of time and everyone will know if this is a stunt or not but for now, everyone should know that I am a brand new Desire Luzinda, a Born Again Christian Desire.

We have seen celebs run to 77 DOGS and they came out saying they were Born Again but we never saw them go back.
I would not know why they never returned to 77 DOGS. They would have perfect answers for you on that issue.

We heard you now pray at Phaneroo Ministries. How did you get there?
I did not get to Phaneroo, I was led to Phaneroo.

By the Holy Spirit?
No. I was led to Phaneroo by a guy called Paul, who invited me to the church several times and I found myself at Phaneroo after two years of convincing.

Who is this Paul?
I do not know his other name but Paul was among the many people who thronged my Facebook inbox. I receive many messages on a daily but 90 per cent are from men who want to sleep with me. Whenever I read through my messages, Paul’s was among them. His messages were inviting me to Phaneroo Ministries.

What was one of the messages that caught your attention?
In one of the messages, Paul said I was in a state of confusion. I believed him because at that time, I was confused with life and I had a lot going through my mind. He told me that seeking God was the only way. I chatted with him on Facebook until this year when I finally went to Phaneroo.

Desire and her daughter. Photo by Eddie Chicco

Are you sure that you made the right decision?
I am confident and do not regret the path I have taken. Turning to God is not a new thing in my life because I grew up in a Christian family.

In 2014, your nude photos had the country talking. What did your family tell you at the time of the nude photos?
My family has always been supportive. When my nude photos leaked, they encouraged me to be strong and did not talk about the photos. It is now that they have come out to show me how they are happy about the new step I have taken in life.

Besides family, who else was there for you then?
Many people that I did not know sent me messages encouraging me to be strong and since then, those people became good friends.

How did your daughter feel?
My daughter was still young but truthfully, she was bullied at school and I had to take her to another school. I did all I could to let her know that I did not leak the photos intentionally and I thank God she understood and stood by me.

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After the nude photos, you released Kitone, a song praising yourself. Was it part of the plan?
I do not know how I can let Ugandans know that the song Kitone was there before the nudity scandal. The audio of the song was there but after the saga, we chose to shoot a video.

Couldn’t you wait for some time before releasing the video?
A few days after the photos leaked, I received a call from the late Mowzey Radio and he told me that this was the right time to make money and that my career was set to begin. Radio wrote Kitone for me and he advised we shoot the video.

So did you make money from Kitone?
I performed almost everywhere and at a high fee since the demand was high. I even held the Black and White Concert at Serena and it sold out.

What do people not know about Desire Luzinda?
Many people do not know that I am just like any other person. The other thing is that they criticise my dress code but I do not dress dirty, I am just sexy.

Desire Luzinda with Lwasa. FILE PHOTO

Talking about being sexy, is it why many men are chasing after you?
I cannot speak for them and I would not know why they are chasing after me. To be sincere, those people are the ones that caused the depression I was going through. I cannot have male friends however much I want, when they come as friends, they want to sleep with me. I cannot do business with men because all they want is sex. The few friends I had turned against me and claimed to the media that I am sleeping with them.

Lwasa is sitted here waiting to meet you after the interview, is he just a friend?
(Looks behind) Oyo mukwano gwange mujje mubino, loosely translated as That is my friend, please leave him out of this.

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So if everyone is your friend, who is your boyfriend?
For now, I am single and if the right person comes, I will surely settle with them but for now, I am focusing on music.

What does it feel like being a single mother?
It is challenging and yet amazing. It has many challenges, financial and moral upbringing.

Doesn’t your daughter ask for a sister or brother?
She used to when she was still young but she outgrew that and no longer talks about it.

How would you describe your daughter?
She is humble, God fearing, respectful, calm and most of all brilliant.

Before we go, what is your take on what happened to Bebe Cool at the Tarrus Riley show?
I strongly condemn the act because I believe in something called freedom of expression. I believe a country like Uganda is better than this because when you do something violent, it causes havoc.

Have you ever been booed off stage?
I am lucky that I have never been sent off stage but if the same happened to me, I would walk off stage.

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