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HASHTAGS: Then Lokodo lost the #NyegeNyege battle to the devil

A photo from Nyege Nyege Festival last year.

What a week we have had! We moved from one uncharacteristic plot twist to another. The man of God trusted to be the custodian of ethics and morals in Uganda, Hon Minister Fr Simon Lokodo threw the whole country into a tantrum when he wrote to the Internal Affairs ministry asking for the blockage of the event. Of course we were mad because of two reasons; One was that East Africa TV (Ask the 90s kids for reference) had long branded us as East Africa’s most partying people. Secondly, Nyege Nyege is ever growing, and can rightfully be referred to as the Coachella of East Africa. So yeah, we were angry, and maybe for this very reason, the Reverend okayed our Nyege Nyege, saying the devil had won (y’all need to repent on this note). Anyway, with the new declaration, Twitter took on #NyegeNyege to thank Bwana Lokodo the best way we know how; trolling. Here goes;

We know he is a reverend father yes, so much as @bkyeyune was wayward in that aspect, he got one thing right. The priest had had a bad day at work. Damn the devil.

From the conspiracy’s view, mbu he was trying to take our minds off the many things seemingly going wrong with the motherland like how Kayihura didn’t turn up in court, or how some bicycle-riding guy in a yellow advert hadn’t changed clothes.

When all peace fails, refer to the stone

You know! This was trying the patience of Ugandans who have already shown what they can do

In fact, Ugandans are out here claiming their actions over a certain muzukulu and even offering professional services for hire. Fr Loks could have got himself into trouble.

And speaking of Lo(c)ks and what Ugandans can do, the timeline seems to be out of any bits of love for Bebe Cool. Since pelting him with bottles as he assured them how he loves them every day at the Swangz Avenue concert featuring Tarrus Riley, Ugandans have shown no mercy to to Mr Ssali. In fact, @Ijuka_J puts it so right below

Ugandans out here expressing the kind of unrequited love that would be a good base for a Shakespearean play.

but people riyale, God said love one another!

Poor Bebe. His outcry for people to differentiate his music from his rightfully possessed political opinions landed on deaf ears. Maybe he should consider publicly applying for at least a friend zone from Ugandans.

Thanks to Twitter for not knowing borders, we crossed over to Kenya and raised some dust. Our neighbours and us wanted to settle the debate on who is better once and for all, so we came up with #KenyaVsUganda and had a go.

We were told that in Kenya, the folks still have to be rewarded for speaking English. Yeah, it is still that kind of burden. So when one is freed from it, this is the kind of celebration they make.

As you can see. Oluzungu

While our president pays 400 million for the Bazukulu to sing a song about him, or plays cards with other Bazukulu, the Kenyan one prefers to chill.

But hey, sometimes the enemy is good. The Kenyans got one on us here

Turns out we didn’t even settle that debate, but this is a new week with new challenges our way. Let’s take it on strong and firm. May your devils not defeat you!

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