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Hashtags: The return of ‘You Know Who’

I was chatting over this title with a friend of mine who happens to be a Harry Potter fanatic. She was all ears at the mention of “You know who” thinking I was going to drive her down memory lane all the way to Lord Voldermort. I quickly snapped her out of it and swerved her back to reality.

“There is someone with the power of Voldermort in contemporary society,” I said with that tone of a guy who has got his information on his fingertips. This other guy has become a cause of many a tirade and plenty of anticipation and last week, he returned from the United States where he had travelled in search of treatment.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bobi Wine returned, and the day he did, the Timeline came to life. The story was on #BobiWineReturns

First of all, there was an uncomfortable panic on the day of homecoming. There were people like this


And people like this


On top of that, Bobi Wine has almost cultivated a hero’s status, so it was only fair that the government prepared for him a befitting welcome


Kudos to Uganda Police for always keeping an eye out for the ‘down person’, even though the down person seems not to want

One way or the other, Bobi Wine did return. The stage of excitement passed, and we headed into part 2; bringing him to speed with what transpired during his absence. That is where #BobiWineWhileYouWereAway. Indeed, plenty had gone on

Since he is at the frontline of people power, we had to report what had happened to power in his absence


The drama was not just on the political side of things. Even musicians pulled out their petty


Somebody once said that Ugandans turned off the fridge and someone lost the cool. Turns out they haven’t turned it on yet


Uuhhhmmmm, just a reminder. This happened too


Bobi Wine’s return couldn’t have been more timely. Sanity was starting to fly out of the window


We welcome back Bobi Wine. Hopefully he is now fully aware of what is going on in the motherland, and has the solutions to the many problems we have brought to his attention.

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