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HASHTAGS: The Umeme/People power struggles and how Apple became hard to bite

Blackout bobi wine voa shaka ssali

Several parts of the country were plunged into darkness for one hour on Wednesday night. COURTESY PHOTO

Power has been the talk of the timeline this past week. From people power, to president’s power and Umeme Power, one would almost confidently say we have had a very powerful week! Perchance we do a run down.

There are two presidents in Uganda. One, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the president of the republic of Uganda as per the Electoral Commission’s announcement form the 2016 elections. The other, H.E Bobi Wine, is the president of the ghetto, or Uganja, as per his own proclamation. Last week, the two presidents addressed the nation, the first being president Museveni.

In his presser, the president was very clear about the issue of power. He noted that Ugandan youth have power, handed down to them by the government during the massive immunisation in the 90s.

Technically, a Ugandan youth can do anything because he/she was immunised and overcame the power of death. Y’all should stop crying unemployment and rejoice for thee art immunised.

Besides, why do you blame the president for the poverty when your parents weren’t strategic enough and didn’t care about you? If they did, they would have saved up some wealth for you to enjoy. Your parents were lazy, and now you are on the streets of twitter making Shwenkuru’s life hard. You are the reason why he was seen raising his hands and rolling his eyes in that infamous video. Mweddeko banange, and hold your parents accountable. Shwenkuru has nothing to do with your poverty.

Due to such pronouncements however, many a Ugandan has come out to express the desire to see the president of Uganja become president of Uganda.  As such, there was no surprise that there was heavy anticipation from many when it was announced that he would appear on Voice of Africa, a worldwide renown talk show on African issues hosted by veteran journalist Shaka Ssali. At last, people power was here to remind us that immunization isn’t everything. So people sat, ready before their TV sets to witness Bobi Wine spew some sense.

But in all this, the TVs needed a certain kind of power, whose custodian is Umeme. The custodian had different ideas, as @tumutungire put precisely.


The result was a total black out across the country. It is even said that someone was trying to let this people power thingie show if it had any power



Needless to say, the anticipating tweeps were agitated. And some went on to suggest Draconian options in response to the custodian

But maybe, just maybe, the custodian is not as powerful as we think. Mbu Umeme might also be undergoing the same Bazukulu struggles as us all


There were several streaming options though, so in as much Umeme denied many Ugandans the chance to watch the show live on TV, a section still found a way to watch it. Apparently there was even a repeat, so in one way or the other, both sides won.

Then we first forwarded to the most technologically advanced fruit, the Apple. At #AppleEvent, new prices and products for one of the world’s most outstanding tech products were unveiled. Of course the products were super classy, and the prices super high. Apple has not been a Mwanainchi’s product since the make of the very first iPhone but now, some products can be mwanainchi-friendly. A case @smanga87Warren


The new prices will make you rethink why you gave bae no limits when choosing her birthday gift

Maybe we haven’t fully explained the price and value of these new things



Infact, #AppleEvent was a matter of leaving issues of the generals to the generals


When you realise you got a good girl without spending so much, and now her standards are high but you have her already


My only prayer for you this week is that you get rich enough to afford the iPhone XS and that is a very honest wish from a brother in brokenness.

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