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Video review: Onkolera – Desire Luzinda

A scene from the video.

In the digital age, YouTube views could be the thin line between an impressive video and one that barely cuts by. If that be the case, then Onkolera fails the transition from good to great. Uploaded seven days ago, it is yet to pass the 2,000 views mark. And there are reasons to the effect.

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There is a lack of direction in the Onkolera video, from the failure to enhance the unique bits to the location, to the absence of a plot. This video can be summarised as Desire with a yellow beret and her expressive hair, joined by some dancers on the deck of a run-down ferry. And that is it.

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The night scenes are poorly lit. If not for the name ‘Desire’, there is nothing to write about this video. Often times you see a great audio come by, then suffer a still birth at the hands of the video. Onkolera fails to do it for its viewers.

You can watch the video here:

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