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Video review: Nkwegomba – Kenneth Mugabi

One of the scenes from the Kenneth Mugabi ‘Nkwegomba’ music video.

Mute the sound in this video, then in that eureka moment, you will appreciate the engaging sweet story line.
Nkwegomba is admirable for this, it is why it exists, to give you that plot that puts a smile on your face.
Maybe, it is how the characters bring this message to the world. It is how they embrace their school-love roles, a high-school Bosco story of a kind.
Passing on those love letters in the classroom, being caught red-handed by the prying teacher and then having to face the consequences.

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Mugabi is continuously caught in the act and he has to suffer, yet, like all persistent men, he never tires — for love is worth the suffering.
Finally a video that wins it on the minimalism, cheap on the budget front.
It will not awe you with any camera effects, it will not grant you those high energy dances. It is just something to admire for its simplicity.

You can watch the video here:

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