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Think your life is crap? Flavia Tumusiime played buffalo in a school play

Remember this meme: “If you ever feel bad, just remember this guy played the role of “grass” in his school play?”

NTV’s Morning show host Flavia Tumusiime has revealed that she ever had one such moment in her school life.

Speaking to Crystal Newman in a YouTube interview on August 11, Tumusiime said played buffalo in a school play.

“The only acting I ever did was extras in school at Kisubi S.S. I never spoke Luganda, so people would say things and I would just be staring at them. So the headmistress always said, oh my Tumusiime, come, people are going to bully you. She asked my drama teacher, to please put me anywhere,” she narrated.

A Buffalo

“There was a role of a buffalo. So they put out those old-school darkish brown blankets, and they covered me with it. They said a buffalo just stays there. When you hear someone pinch you, start moving.”

“I was the best buffalo I could be. I just stayed there for thirty minutes, waiting for someone to tell me; Tumusiime move! It was the saddest day of my life. And then the head teacher said, oh Tumusiime you did so well…”

Tumusiime who now plays a role in ‘Beneath the lies’, a Ugandan creation says; “Don’t let your children be buffalos in school plays, no one can see you.”

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