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VIDEO. This fanatic believes Prophet Elvis Mbonye will choose Uganda’s next president


Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Simon Ssenyonga, a fanatic of Elvis Mbonye says the ‘prophet’ will choose Uganda’s next President.

Appearing on NTV Uganda’s show Morning@NTV, with Flavia Tumusiime, Ssenyonga said “the true agenda of the Lord to choose leaders was never given through democratic elections, but was rather chosen by prophets.”

“Flavia, I’m assuring you, that is replaying.. That a prophet of God chooses a leader, watch the space! Flavia you will be alive, where a prophet chooses a king,” he assured the presenter.

Flavia asked; “You just said democracy is not of God. So if we are going to even have a discussion on faith in our country, we are saying democracy is not of God, meaning our leaders should nave been chosen by a prophet, and not any prophet, but Mbonye. So you are saving electoral commission all its money?

“Yes, they should bring it to tithe, to church. You are in Uganda, watch the space,” Ssenyonga responded in affirmation.

President Museveni has led Uganda since 1986. Uganda goes to the polls to elect a new president in 2021.

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