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Bobi Wine Video: ‘My brother didn’t look like that when I visited him’ – Mikie Wine

MP Bobi Wine laughs at a joke made by Speaker Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah. COURTESY PHOTO

On Wednesday afternoon, the UPDF spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire released a video of Bobi Wine reportedly meeting with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah at Makindye Military Barracks.

The 8-second video clip has, however, come under immense criticism with many calling it a fake one. Most Bobi Wine followers have wondered why his tattoos and wedding ring are not visible in the video. Some also said that his head was not proportional to his body thereby labelling it an ‘epic Photoshop fail’.

Read one such post here:

But Bobi Wine’s younger brother singer Mikie Wine has come out to say that the Bobi Wine he saw in the video is different from what he saw in the barracks when he went to visit him late last week.

Mikie Wine says that they probably wanted Bobi Wine’s followers to think that he is doing well and therefore tried to make him laugh as they recorded the video.

“They only got a clip where he was smiling. Maybe they cracked a joke about him and that is why he was smiling,” Mikie Wine says.

He added that make up was probably applied on Bobi Wine’s face to conceal the wounds and swellings he has.

“You can see somebody who has been made up with makeup but still in pain. They are healing the outside wounds but not the inside wounds,” Mikie Wine pointed out.

“You can see his face swollen. You can see him force himself to laugh but in pain. Bobi Wine doesn’t laugh while bending down. You all know how he laughs,” Mikie Wine concluded.

Mikie was speaking after a special prayer service held at Rubaga Cathedral for Bobi Wine. It was attended by Bobi Wine’s family, friends, colleagues, fans and politicians.

For now, many hope to get answers about the singer/politician’s current health condition on Thursday (tomorrow) as he is scheduled to appear before General Court Martial to answer treason charges.

You can watch the contentious video here and tell us what you think: UPDF releases first images of detained Bobi Wine

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