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HASHTAGS: Stories from Bazzukulu

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere,’’ says a one bad man from Kamwokya.

Surely if last week you did not catch the political fever, you deserve the ‘I mind my Business award’. At least, even the slow guys from Kyambogo University were injected. This dark smoke spread so fast like a weed cocktail. Since the day horror struck and the People Power President was arrested in Gulu, after the stone age episode, there has been a wave of livid, exasperated and whimpering annotations.

Not forgetting the poor journalists that experienced the Kyankwanzi training for free. Heavy thrashes landed on their backs and multiplied whacks saw the back of their foreheads. How sad??! Many of the career holders in the media field were left with nausea, spiting hot coal and requesting for compensation, like Bosco whose life became magical.

And this reply to mzee will get you on your knees with laughter.


Wait…. Wait!! Is this the level of bravery Ugandans have? This must be another episode of karate kid shot in Uganda. People power has got us making movies that even the police fear us.

I am still deciding whether to change church and join the born again association or join the choir and introduce the People power anthem since my priest is not updated.

And when we thought it was all over, Ugandan police and army assured us they are still in the 1900s waiting for the Buganda agreement to be signed. For your information this is a camera, it contains the shutter, aperture and etc. we shall continue the lecture tomorrow…

With all this assurance from the twitter world the #FreeBobiWine hashtag is not going to bed soon. The factory has just opened; calcium is being mixed thoroughly with potassium to come up with the best vitamin to convince our dear grandfather on making the right decisions. In other news, the timeline was showered with smoky tweets that woke up ‘’Mzee’’. He replied with a calming concept ‘’My Bazzukulu’’, thinking that it would amend, but it looks like he repainted the Maji –Maji rebellion. With a new title; ‘Bigambo-Magambo rebellion.’ A tap on the back would not even save him this chocking. The hash tag #IamNotYowaMuzzukulu was the response he got and it has even got better.

The line is drawn,’’ Born in a poor facilitated hospital somewhere in Awich’’. Hold my hand before I lay it on your bald drum.


Are we he? Is us them? They us? We them…Here we go again. I hope you can now rest your case


How many Vowels are in the word Bihogo? Mpenkoni… Let’s talk later when you’re sober.

Hopefully you catch the fever too, because it has brought out the ghetto “yut” (youth) in most of us. And before you experience the army wallops, keep away from those gun like cameras. The police is still traveling from the Stone Age. Don’t fall prey. When we meet next, hopefully you will all have accepted that you’re the duplicate version of grand children of our dear President.


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