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Teacher in trouble over defiling 8-year-old pupil

Police in Kakiri have arrested a teacher for allegedly defiling his 8-year-old pupil.

The suspect identified as Anthony Kayondo was on Tuesday arrested for allegedly breaching the teachers’ code of conduct and moral ethical behavior by defiling his own pupil.

Police say Kayondo was contracted by the victim’s parents to coach their girl during weekends. However, he is accused of luring the girl into having carnal knowledge and defiling her innocence.

Kayondo was reportedly caught red handed by the residents after seeing the duo branching off to a nearby bush in Nadangila.

The residents subjected him to a beating but he was rescued by police officers who had been contacted after his arrest.

The suspect confessed before the parents and police to having had canal knowledge with the victim and is currently detained at Kakiri Police Post from where he will be taken to court on charges of aggravated defilement.

If found guilty, the 26-year-old teacher could face up to 18 years in prison for defilement. According to the Penal Act Uganda 1950 , a person who unlawfully has sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of eighteen years commits an offence and is liable to suffer death.

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