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I have never run broke -Bryan White


Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White


Earlier last month, it was reported that socialite and philanthropist Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White, had been poisoned and was in Nairobi to seek medical attention.

There was another rumour that he was neither poisoned nor out of the country but rather somewhere under cover after his accounts ran dry. However, a few days ago, the socialite resurfaced and rubbished the latter “I was poisoned by someone I know and I believe he wants to take my life,” Bryan White said, adding that the allegations of him running broke are all but foolish because he has money enough to take him for the next five years.

Asked about the podium and why he disbanded it, Bryan White said: “I made the foundation as a general thing. It was not an artiste foundation because I was heavily criticized for the way I treated them.”

He said all he did was send the artistes on recess to test who was competent. And it looks like the little test will pay off for the artistes that did not run to criticise the podium on social media or in the media.

According to the socialite, these will be named ambassadors. On the list is King Michael, Teacher Mpamiire and Big Eye.

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