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‘Serves you right’ Azizi Magically celebrates Peng Peng’s hospitalisation

A photo montage of Azizi Magically and blogger Peng Peng who was found unconscious in a bathroom.

Azizi Magically has laughed at blogger Raymond Soulfa alias Peng Peng’s current ill health and thanked God that the latter has suffered the misfortune.

It was reported last week that the blogger, who claims to be Bryan White’s internet spokesperson, was found lying unconscious in his bathroom. He is said to be in critical condition at the moment.

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Peng Peng was found a few days after he had helped Azizi Magically and his broke sugar mummy Mona-Lisa Larsson get help from Mama Fiina, a renown and wealthy herbalist.

Mama Fiina gave the couple Shs2 million and also paid for an air ticket for Mona-Lisa to go back to her home country – Sweden. This was, however, on condition that she travels that very night. Mama Fiina was acting on the advice of Peng Peng and his followers.

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In an Unexpected turn, Mona-Lisa refused to travel back that night saying she wanted to first visit a saloon and work on her hair. This did not settle well with Mama Fiina who, with the backing of Peng Peng, took back the air ticket from Mona-Lisa.

Aziz Magically and Mona-Lisa Larsson. COURTESY PHOTO

Azizi and Mona-Lisa felt betrayed by this and have since taken to social media to badmouth Peng Peng and Mama Fiina even though they took the latter’s Shs2 million.

In a new video, Azizi is seen celebrating Peng Peng’s hospitalization saying that it’s good that he has also suffered a similar misfortune.

“I don’t know how God does his things but i thank Him so much for repaying Peng Peng,” Azizi says in the video.

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The 19-year-old was reacting to media reports that he fell because he had not eaten food in a very long time. Azizi says that unlike Peng Peng who fell due under ‘suspicious’ circumstances, he only slid and fell, and as a result broke his lip.

Mama Fiina

“I did not fall due to hunger. I just slid like the other person who fell, you know that guy….i hear he is called Peng Peng…the way he fell in the bathroom,” Azizi says in between bouts of laughter.

He even goes further to throw shade at Mama Fiina by insinuating that Peng Peng’s fall could have been caused by Mama Fiina’s ‘traditional healer’ kind of work. On this he however fears to fully mention her name only calling her ‘Mama Fi’.

“You see those of Peng could have fallen because they have that Mama Fi…Mama Fi biki biki. But me is just fell. I am not like them,” he laughs.


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