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Pastor Ssempa dares Mbonye to prophesy future of social media tax, gets bashed

Pastor Martin Ssempa

Early this morning, Pastor Martin Ssempa, who has been off the scene for quite some time took to his twitter handle to dare prophet Elvis Mbonye to look into the future of Social media tax.

He wrote; “Hello Prophet Mbonye @Prophet_elvis good morning… I heard you prophesied the Oscar’s… which for some of us were not so relevant. But do you think you could use those ‘high level’ systems and say what is the future of the #SocialMediaTax.’

Quite innocent a tweet, considering Mbonye is well known by many in Kampala for his prophesies, but also provokative, because Sempa has in the last week done a good job poking tweeps.

Did he expect it turn out the way it did? We do not know, but one thing Sqoop knows is that Sempa is now in a serious war with Mbonye’s diehards.

Replying to the tweet, Matsiko Gowin said asking Sempa to visit Mbonye’s website for a deeper understanding of the Prophet, if was still capable of spiritual enlightment.

“Also, we noticed longtime how you abandoned the cross for politics. Good luck sir,” the reply read in part.

To his tweet, Matsiko attached a story titled; “how top Uganda clerics exhume ghosts of religious intolerence.” The story contained an image of different religious clerics, minus Sempa.

And this is where things got heated up. “Thanks for the response.. My name is not Sserwadda nor Lwere not Kayanja and I am not in that picture. I however agree that there is decreasing space of free speech both online and in the streets. Is Prophet Elvis aware about the #SocialMediaTax?” Ssempa replied.


Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Matsiko does not give up so easily. He went on; “Were you cropped out? The story is so about you (politicians with collars). To your query, you are the guru, you tell us. My lay view is that he is likely somewhere praying for the nation, certainly not looking for retweets.”

“He he he.. You are surprised that I am not in the photo!! Sounds like you are shocked and suspect a cropping… No.. I am not in that crop.. But has the Oscar prophet got anything useful on the local issues like #SocialMediaTax,” Ssempa replied.

“Talking of the Oscars, you as an American citizen will find them very relevant. Watch again here! Ooops, had forgotten the hashtag #SocialMediaTax.” We think Matsiko is losing it here, but then the remnants are awake.

Carol T Ssekandi rescues him; “’High level’ systems? The #Word is full of answers. But if you need consolation from The Prophet, visit his fellowship next Tue from 6-9pm. You can also listen to this year’s messages for more.”

“Does it really take all that to get a simple answer to what @Prophet_elvis thinks of the #SocialMediaTax. If he bothered to undertake very complicated “ASTRO – travel” to get the secret info about the #Oscars why not about this #SocialMediaTax issue?” Ssempa asked.

“Because you have an answer already. You do not need high level systems to know what God wants you to do or to discern the times we are in as a nation. Unless you are disconnected. As for the Oscars, ask for the relevance and you will get it,” Carol replied.

And to this Ssempa said: “Carol thanks for telling me to go to @Prophet_elvis Elvis to console me. I will remember that when I am distresses by the harassment of the #LGBTIQ mafia. But I will wait to hear from #Mbonye himself unless you are his official spokesperson. Are his PA?”

Anyway guys, this is way too much for us. But we are glad to have learnt one important lesson, which is: tread carefully!

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