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INCEST: Man caned for marrying own sister

Fred Makokha and Rebecca Makokha are in their early twenties.

A village in Kakamega County in Kenya is in shock after a man married his own sister.

Elders shocked at the rare incident decided to intervene after they learnt the two siblings, Fred Makokha and Rebecca Makokha, who are in their early twenties, had committed incest.

The two were tied together for punishment for having married each other despite being brother and sister.

The incident which took place in Mugai village in Malava irked the village elders who decided to perform a cleansing ceremony which involved canning the two.


According to the elders, the traditional ceremony was meant to avert what they termed as a possible generational curse.

Villagers gathered to witness the rare occurrence.

The two received 10 strokes of the cane with the elders claiming that the marriage would result to a curse on the entire village.

A bull had to be slaughtered and the intestinal components smeared on the victims “to wade off a potential curse”.

During the ceremony, the couple was not allowed to utter any word.

Women too were kept away from the cleansing ceremony.

The elders say the event is meant to teach the two a lifetime lesson and to avoid a repeat of the same.

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