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I will be having a concert every after 2 years – Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Many people have been asking why Bebe Cool didn’t have a concert last year yet he had made it a custom to hold concerts annually. During his press conference ahead of his upcoming show on the August 3, the musician explained why that has changed.

Bebe explained that starting this year, he’s going to be having his concerts every after two years and this is because of the expenses and organisation. “It’s seemingly expensive to organise a concert every year because you need like eight months of preparation, doing rehearsals, looking for advertisers, service providers and the likes,” he said.

To add to that, Bebe Cool said that from now onwards, all the concerts will have a tagline of golden heart meaning that proceeds from those specific events like ‘Tondeka Ekiwatule’ among others, will be going towards children with heart complications. This year, he’s looking at having at least five children undergo surgery in India.

He, however emphasised that he will only be meeting the travel expenses and the days the family will be staying in the hospital regardless of how many they are but not the medical bills.

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