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Four One One

How the Shongas rekindled their love after nasty cheating drama

The Shongas are reportedly back in love. COURTESY PHOTOS

Socialite Herbert Shonga has rekindled his love with wife Dorothy Shonga and he has travelled back to Malawi where their love started. Herbert and Dorothy met many years ago when Dorothy was still a young girl in school and the two managed to start a family and build businesses together.

With three children, the couple returned to Uganda where they had their wedding in December 2016 and it was said to be one of the most highly budgeted weddings that year.

While in Uganda, the couple started a printing business on Nasser Road and also bought the former Rouge now space Lounge at a whooping Shs300M. The couple started having fights in Uganda when a one Sheilat Murungi came into their lives as the Public Relations Manager of Space Lounge although it was not amusing for Dorothy that Shonga hired Murungi.

Sheilat Murungi, Herbert Shonga’s alleged mistress.

Even when Herbert denied any infidelity, Dorothy knew there was something going on between her husband and Murungi. It was eventually revealed that the two had been having an intimate relationship which led to the breakup of the Shongas.

The break up affected their businesses with both their companies in Uganda collapsing and this got Dorothy taking all the children back to Malawi where they came from.

Since then, Shonga and Murungi made it public and were seen at almost all social events in Kampala. For a moment it seemed like the other woman had taken over.

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However, it was long until Herbert was hit by reality that his heart didn’t belong to Murungi but rather Dorothy.

The Shongas on their wedding day.

He packed his bags back to Malawi where he found Dorothy waiting for him. It was not long before she took him back. The two were later seen sharing photos of themselves half-naked while in bed on social media.

During a Daily Monitor Interview with Herbert Shonga last year, he revealed that during the days when they were still hustling, Shonga got some huge money after landing a deal and escaped from Malawi to Uganda with a Rwandese woman with whom they stayed together for about 8 months abandoning his family in Malawi. He did the same thing that happened to him again this year when he went back begging Dorothy to take him back.

Meanwhile social media is not having much hope in the couple as Herbert even changed his name to Habib after turning Muslim due to influence from Sheilat, his alleged mistress. It is widely assumed that he will still keep Sheilat on the side or even marry more women since Islam, his new religion, allows him up to four wives.

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