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Bebe Cool moves Golden Heart concert to bigger Venue


Two weeks to the D-Day, Bebe Cool has changed his concert venue from the Kampala Serena Hotel to Kololo airstrip.

Bebe Cool announced the changes earlier today during his official press conference where he admitted that the changes come from the anticipation people have towards the concert. He also said that two weeks to the concert, already 40 tables were booked yet Serena can only accommodate 50 tables.

“Three of my previous concerts have been at Kampala Serena Hotel and they have all sold out. This concert comes with a cause and already people are jumping on board not only to support Bebe Cool but mainly because they want to be part of the Golden Heart campaign,” He said.

Bebe Cool speaks during the press conference. PHOTOS BY EDDY CHICCO

The concert that is slated to take place on August 3 moves to a bigger venue, a venue that Bebe says is twice Serena and he hasn’t feared the consequences of the criticism that he has been facing lately over his opinions concerning the social media tax.

“I have been on top of the game for the past fifteen or so years. I run this industry and I know how to play my cards right. Although the media sometimes twists what I say, still the industry needs to be vibrant. Every passing day, people are buying tables and they are about to be sold out,” Bebe Cool said.

The beauty about the changes to this concert is that ordinary tickets still remain at 100k while the tables have increased from Shs3 million to Shs5 million.

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