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Is it love-struck or obsessed?

Kabalore Woman Member of Parliament, Ms Sylvia Rwabwoogo. PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA

A young man of 25, Brian Isiko, just got sentenced to two years in prison for cyber harassing Kabarole Woman MP Sylvia Rwabogo and I am so shook.
To put it simply, he vibed her for too long then she got irritated and dragged him to court.
It is a very confusing scenario because some of us take our “Nos” as encouragement to regroup and launch another attack. It is a jungle out here. These ladies are not handing out meat on a silver platter, so many guys have to take the hunt by the scruff of the neck.
On my part, rejection from a lady never sounds convincing. Even if it did, something internally will convince me tomorrow is a new day, let’s do this better and smarter. Many guys have lured their girlfriends or spouses to fall for them out of pure hustle. And in many cases when the ladies are asked why they burged eventually, they will say the resilience eventually got them. The fact that a guy sticks to his guns makes them wobbly in their knees. smh! Mbu there is something subtly attractive about someone willing to throw themselves under the bus for you, at least from the many ladies I have talked to.

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Maybe guys act this way because of the partriachal society that we live in, which dictates that we must dominate and never take no for an answer. Obviously this does not always turn out well because many guys become a nuisance because they never take rejection easily. But even then, what do you call this? Is someone just casually lovestruck like any normal man would feel for a woman or just obsessed with the idea of her? There is a thin line between the two because we are talking about two levels of attraction. One could result from the other for all I know. Either way, they are dangerous scenarios to be in because you are unconsciously stupid and have no control over it.

This Isiko case makes me worried because now I might have to succumb to all these blue-ticking, no replying damsels. Well, newsflash: Some of us are not backing down. We are coming back in Season Next of Rejection. I will still return like teen acne. But do not let this energy confuse you. I will do this only if the energy is right, the love is remotely reciprocated.
In other wards guys, you can return without being an outright jerk. If the signs are clear that she is not feeling you for one reason or another, fade away like the skies. Do not threaten lives because a kyana will not take your calls. Take your talents elsewhere where they will be appreciated. As much as Isiko’s case was concluded, I still believe the sentence was unfair. Sometimes these hearts make people stupid, not necessarily criminals. What do y’all think?

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