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30 and expired vs 30 and experienced




Previously on “Ugandans Don’t Mind Their Business”, some of you could have already passed your sell-by date.

While the rest of the world was being useful in their 20s, here you are in your 30s looking like a pint of milk gone bad after a few hours.

Spoilt! When normal people were busy discovering talents, investing in themselves and property, figuring things out, meeting their life partners in their 20s, some of you blew your time.

I have been made to believe that 30 is an expiry date for everyone. It is the age where VAR (video review) is brought out to check your past mistakes and underline them. Mbu if you were an expert alcoholic in your 20s, your 30s mark your legacy in this field.

It is at this point that you get an honorary medal for idiocy, mediocrity and excellence that you achieved in your 20s. It is you who decides where you fit best. I have been told chances of recovery are slim. This applies for a receding hairline. Your hairline packs its bags at 30 and off it goes. You cannot bribe it back.

I wonder where this leaves people who have not achieved some incredible things before their 30s. To make it worse, there is so much hullabaloo about awards for young achievers where young brilliant minds are celebrated for different things like Forbes 30 under 30.

Obviously this cannot necessarily be a bad thing but what happens to people whose life has taken a different path.

People who are running their race and are yet to achieve amazing things. Are they under achievers because they supposedly wasted their 20s according to you.

It makes me me kinda pissed about so many people.So I should stay resigned to a certain fate dictated by some random person I do not even know. So what if a woman is 30 and single? Why does it have to be tragic that she has not found anyone? It is not fair for some of these ladies to be labelled.

This pressure forces them to rush into unhealthy relationships simply because she cannot be the only dinosaur at her home single. C’mon, really?

While people are quick to label people damaged goods,I call them experienced. At whatever age, anyone can turn their life around. It just takes the right amount of heart to push through. Ignore anyone who puts deadlines in your lives.

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