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Here is why Zimbabweans want a piece of Uganda

Ugandans were green with envy when former Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe eventually resigned from presidency following nationwide protests. And you can’t blame our fellow countrymen, many want president Museveni out of the seat but he is showing no sign of leaving. With Mugabe’s resignation, Zimbabwe had arrived to the good life according to many a Ugandan.

Ugandan social media was awash with praises of Zimbabwe so you can imagine our shock when a Zimbabwean site was spotted glorifying Uganda and Museveni. posted a number of pictures of the new Entebbe Express High Way and asked, “It’s happening in Uganda, why not in Zimbabwe?”

This was before they had posted a picture of President Museveni launching the Entebbe Express High Way alongside a picture of a Zimbabwean minister known as Chinamasa launching a dustbin.

“Uganda’s Museveni officially opening spaghetti highway … Chinamasa officially opening garbage bin,” the site wrote.

The posts angered many Zimbabweans who felt their leadership had failed them. Here are some of the reactions to the posts:

Tafara Nyadaro: It’s an embarrassment to the nation especially those cheering such stupidity.You have lost my vote

Lawrence Wambua: Remember, Rome was not build in one day-be optimistic and expect more such roads.

Munya Gaha: Zvakaoma shuwa official opening of a bin is a real joke and mockery to us zimbos

Richard Danda: Shame to our beloved Zimbabwe

Brain Garusa: because we believe in bins officiating. zimbabwe is a dumping site

Ribbon Cruz: It will happen. Have hope Zimbabwe

Meanwhile others were trashing Uganda’s efforts for using Chinese road engineers saying the road won’t last long without getting pot holes.

Another even submitted that the road only leads to Museveni’s home and is not open to the Ugandan public.

Bongwi Defao: Google the real Kampala now mozodzoka pano, that road goes to Museveni’s home and will cost the Ugandan tax payer 452 Million loan from China for a 57km road Musangoyemura zvese musina ma facts.

He was backed by some Ugandans who said that they, too, doubt the road’s longevity. (Talk about raining on our parade).

Troy Wolf: Pipo who have not been to Uganda should not talk… We Ugandans are not even sure if that rd will stand the test of time

Anyway, wet blankets aside, who knew Uganda would be giving another country president goals? I guess it’s true when they say, “What goes around comes around”.

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