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Zari under fire for stigmatising HIV patients on Instagram

Zari Hassan

City socialite Zari Hassan has hit Instagram again with another bang, this time round showing off the diamond jewelry.

The self-proclaimed boss lady took to Instagram on Sunday ranting about people who think her lavish lifestyle is courtesy of Diamond Platinumz.

She posted three photos of her with two diamond-material watches on her right arm with a diamond ring on her finger.

She captioned the photos: “I could throw u a whole… but u still won’t get this life. Bow down bih! I rear real diamonds courtesy of my hustle. Bow down big haha, I am a rapper now.”

She captioned another photo in Kiswahili language that: “those not concerned should not “ropoka kama ARV’s kufichwa mchana, kumezwa usiku,” meaning “Should not act like people who hide ARVs during day time and swallow them during night time.”

Stigmatizing HIV patients

However, the Kiswahili statement angered some of her followers/fans who accused of stigmatizing people infected with HIV.

One user commented; “This was in bad taste. Are her worshipers going to support this too?”

Another added; “She should have thought of her followers who are victims before making such a statement.. it’s not funny at all!”

Another wrote; “Mwanamke roho chafu hata huwa nashangaa nkiona watu wakimworship,” meaning “This woman is insentive. I shudder when I see people worship her.”

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