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Zari sets conditions for returning to Diamond

If there is one thing that Zari has mastered in this world, it is having men fall head over heels for her. Just when we thought Diamond and her were over, we have learnt that the Tanzanian singer is pleading to have Zari back in his life.

We understand that Diamond’s manager Babu Tale was down in South Africa a few days ago to convince the Ugandan socialite to get back with the father of her two children but she was not about to go running.

From what we hear, some conditions were set and among them; she should have the right to make most of the decisions on his new TV station and she wants a reality show of her life.

Ahem! We hear the bosslady was a darling to Diamond’s mother and it is believed she is one of the reasons he wants her back. Will they get back together? Grab your popcorn and let’s keep our eyes on the lutimbe.

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