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Four One One

Ugandan music is the best in East Africa

FROM BURUNDI: Burundi’s Chako Music Group (CMG) were in Uganda recently and the members; Young JPY, Danylo, Melody and G.Kiboko shared their thoughts on UG music.

In Uganda, it is rare to find four artistes singing in one group.
The same applies to Burundi, where we come from. In fact Chako Music Group (CMG) is the only group in Burundi with four members. Most are trios or duos.

Why did you choose to sing as a group?
We have been singing together since high school and when we found out that we had the same passion, we stuck together. We never used to sing for fame but rather to entertain students at school.

What is your position on the Burundi music scene?
If you know any Burundians living in Uganda, just mention CMG and they will answer your question better. We are the best, although there are a number of other good singers in Burundi.

Is it your first time in Uganda?
We first came to Uganda last year to shoot our video Hello with Sasha Vybz. We came back after being booked for a performance at Game Club featuring Bebe Cool and Sheebah Karungi.

Why Sasha Vybz and not a Burundi videographer?
Sasha Vybz is one of the best videographers in East Africa and as CMG, we always look for the best. We are going to continue working with him on our next projects, until further notice.

Ugandan music Vs Burundi…?
To be honest, you cannot compare Ugandan music to only Burundi music or even for other East African countries. It is the best! As CMG, we can confirm that the Ugandan music industry has the East African music flag.

What do you think makes Ugandan music tick?
Uganda has good artistes, both established and upcoming. The audio producers and videographers are on point.

You must be in real love with the Ugandan music industry, any plans of relocating?
The way Ugandans have not relocated but are able to work with international artistes to build Ugandan music, is the same way we are not planning to relocate. We shall, continue working with Ugandans.

Titbits from CMG

Choosing music
After secondary school. We got overwhelming compliments from our friends saying we would become good musicians. We were lucky that when we made the decision, Best Life Music record label signed us.

CMG music
Your Vodo, Hello, Better Than, I Go Pay and Ma Lova, among others. We sing in Kiswahili, Kirundi, English and French.

Besides Uganda, which other countries have you visited this year?
We have been to DR Congo, Rwanda and before the year ends, we will visit Kenya and Tanzania.

Favourite Ugandan song?
Gutamiza by Goodlyfe and B2C. It is hard for two different groups with almost the same style to come together and produce a very good song.

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