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Swangz, Irene Ntale feud over page admin

Back in the day, record labels and musicians would fight over things such as song ownership and all, but with times changing, so have the kind of fights.

A few days ago, we came across a screenshot that incriminated Swangz Avenue’s Julius Kyazze as having hijacked Irene Ntale’s Facebook page and reduced her to just an editor.

When we talked to Kyazze about these accusations, he said this was all a blackmail gimmick by Irene Ntale to promote her upcoming show. He wondered why the singer would come out and complain two weeks to the show yet the changes on the page were made almost a year ago.

And mbu if she was denied access to the page, how comes she still manages to post stuff about her show?

Well, like there is always two sides to a story, we spoke to Irene Ntale and she said she created the page in 2011 way before she signed with Swangz.

She then allowed to share admin rights with her boss then – Kyazze, but after she left the record label, she was shocked to see the changes. “I have nothing to do with Swangz Avenue. I left them in good faith but I have to reclaim my page.

It had more than 800,000 followers but because Julius has full rights to it now, the numbers have reduced to 300,000. I just need my page back,” Ntale said. Whatever the case, we hope this gets solved diplomatically.

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