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Spice Diana roasted for speaking ‘broken English’…again

Another day, another Spice Diana embarrassing error!

Singer Spice Diana is well on her way into turning into the most ridiculed singer of this decade. The Anti Kale singer has made major mathematical, wardrobe and grammar errors in public that have left us thinking Hajji Nasser Ssebagala is not bad.

Over the weekend she posted pictures on social media showing off a bunch of South Sudanese Pounds which she had thrown onto a bed.

“I think today I should go with a bigger bag, eeh this came from my fans while on stage. Thank u Juba,” she captioned the picture.

What was supposed to be a bragging post escalated real fast when one of her fans cautioned her about parading such big sums of money on social media, given that she stays in Uganda, ‘a country with high insecurity levels’.

It got worse when others tried to let the singer know that South Sudanese money has no value in Uganda and therefore she should not be excited about it.

This infuriated Spice Diana who replied, “Even if ts 1000 Ug shs. Ts Ok. Because am just appreciation, not complaining OK. So use your head.”

Now Spice Diana, this is one of the reasons why celebs never reply to fans on social media. See how you lost this battle.

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