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Lydia Jazmine reveals the secret to her amazing looks


Lydia Jazmine

Songstress Lydian Jazmine has revealed the secret behind her gorgeous and youthful looks that have won her fans nationwide.

She says that she considers her body naturally gorgeous, but she works out two days a week, with focus on cardio, squats and pressure on her tummy. She jogs too.

Thanks to the power of wigs, the singer is able to change her appearance almost every week. Her collaboration with hair brand ‘Laced by Mercy’ keeps her hair rack always full. She will switch from long hair to a pixie cut in a minute. We can swear that not many have seen her natural hair.

For her skin, she regularly has a steam bath. She avoids using chemicals and swears by two products; Vaseline, and Nivovian, for which she is brand ambassador. When she has to wear makeup, which is usually for performances, appearances and shoots, she works with either Peter Russell or Nahya Shero, who charge 80k per session. For wardrobe, she works with stylists such as Fashion Loft, Sashz Closet and Tina Brad, among others and this costs her 150k to 200k per look. When she feels like shopping for clothing, she opts for relatively affordable fashion outlets. Every after a week or two she does her nails for 30k per session.

Jazminen was speaking to Sqoop as one of the celebrities who give us on slay goals whenever we log onto social media.

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