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Judith Heard shares how her husband reacted to the leaked nude pictures

Judith Heard

Speculation has been rife that Judith Heard was dumped by her husband, Dr Heard which is why she has been back in the public eye once again.

However, the socialite has come out to rubbish these rumors saying that she is still a married woman and very much in love with her husband.

“I am still married. Dr heard is still in the picture but he hates being in the public eye even though his wife is into showbiz. No one can abandon a Nnalongo (mother of twins) who looks as good as me,” the mother of three bragged.

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The mother of three recently made headlines when she appeared in two bedroom videos with an identified young man. The videos which were accompanied with a series of pictures showing the lithe model’s private parts were widely shared when Heard was in Paris for work.

Judith Heard with her children. COURTESY PHOTOS

While appearing on Semakula Musa’s online talk show Heard revealed that her husband saw the pictures but understood as they were old pictures.

“He saw them but he understood. He even came to New York to see me after the ordeal. He understood that they were old pictures and therefore could not leave me because of that,” she says.

Although she does not reveal if the pictures were taken before or after marrying Dr Heard, Nnalongo said that her husband gave her a stern warning about taking nude pictures.

“He told me that phones should be for phone calls and texts not texting such pictures. But he was understanding about the whole thing,” She said.

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