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IGG kicks Prophet Elvis Mbonye out of Lugogo cricket Oval


Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) chairman Bashir Ansasiira, has welcomed the Inspectorate of Government’s move to suspend the activities of the Zoe Fellowship Ministries at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The Inspectorate of Government is halting the activities to investigate the circumstances under which the contract between Zoe and National Council of Sports – the sports regulatory body mandated to take care of the facilities at Lugogo Sports Complex – was entered and the management of the Shs768m arising therefrom.

UCA raised this complaint in respect to NCS’s decision to allow Pastor Elvis Mbonye’s Zoe rent the oval every Tuesday for Shs8m for 24 months – starting May 15 – for prayer meetings.

“I might not have been able to write the letter (petitioning the IGG) myself but maybe someone out there within cricket cared to do so,” Ansasiira alias Badu, said. “Most importantly, the letter spoke about the realities on ground and we are happy with the move so far. We now await the investigations into the matter,” he added.

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja, wrote to NCS on June 5 saying her directions are derived from the mandate bestowed upon her in Article 230(2) of the Constitution of Uganda and Section 14 (6) of the Inspectorate of Government Act that states:

“The Inspector General may, during the course of his or her duties or as a consequence of his or her findings, make such orders and give such directions as are necessary and appropriate in the circumstances.”

Messy field of play. Skid marks on the cricket oval outfield of Lugogo caused by trucks organising Zoe Fellowship

Messy field of play. Skid marks on the cricket oval outfield of Lugogo caused by trucks organising Zoe Fellowship. COURTESY PHOTO

‘Systemic review’

The IGG also informed NCS that “the Inspectorate of Government will in addition to this particular matter be commencing a systemic review of the process and procedures of NCS on various other matters that have been brought to the attention of this office which will be communicated under separate cover.”

The letter, copied to the Education and Sports Ministry, also calls on the Solicitor General, Secretary to the Treasury and Auditor General to pick interest in NCS matters.

“I do not see what the news should be here. IGG wrote to us and the directives are binding so it is a welcome move because her investigations will help us do our work better,” NCS board member Hajji Zubair Galiwango explained to Daily Monitor yesterday.

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