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BADI eulogizes his deceased wife

Many people don’t know where the BADI name came from. In fact few know who the CEO of the videography company is.

Well, his name is Bashir Lukyamuzi and he is a simple man who rarely appears in the papers. He started his studio over ten years ago and decided to name it BADI studio by combining both his name Bashir and that of his wife Diana.

However, it is so sad that his wife has passed on leaving the cinematographer in grief. He poured out his sadness on social media saying that his wife gave him a name that he will forever live with.


The late Diana Ndagire. COURTESY PHOTOS

“You gave me love. You gave me a beautiful daughter. From BASHIR and DIANA you created “BADI” you gave me a new name. Now u are gone but I have to live with your name for the rest of my remaining life. Thanks u for everything DIANA NDAGIRE will tell all about what u are going to miss when I see you again. Rest in peace my woman,” is what Bashir wrote.

BADI studio is responsible for creating artistes like Ykee Benda and A Pass and is also behind Nessim who is one of Uganda’s biggest music producers.

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