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A Pass speaks out on skin bleaching allegations

A Pass

A Pass’s current look. COURTESY PHOTO

We don’t know when and why these rumors even started but somebody just annoyed A Pass by saying that he is bleaching/lightening his skin.

A one Baker Kisekka posted on social media saying, “Someone said A Pass is bleaching.”

The singer’s fans were not impressed with his post and immediately told him to find something else to do.

But Kisekka was not relenting, he replied, “But he is becoming lighter. Back then I thought he was a Sudanese refugee’ not my words remember.”

Soon A Pass could not take it anymore and jumped out of the Kamooli (Reading and following social media posts without commenting or liking is nowadays referred to as being in Kamooli. The word Kamooli is Luganda for ventilator).

A Pass

This what A Pass looked like in the past. COURTESY PHOTOS

“Tell someone I will slap him or her,” A Pass threatened.

One of his fans backed him saying, “If you have to do it, just slap,”

But just to answer Kisekka’s concerns….here are some probable reasons why the Didi dada hit maker could be looking lighter nowadays:

  • He is eating well
  • He is in love with a light-skinned woman
  • He is no longer using boda bodas (Although Sqoop one time spotted him on one near Acacia Mall).
  • He nowadays has money
  • Make up
  • Picture and video editing

Anyway, what do you think? On whose side are you on A Pass or his accusers? Let’s talk…

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