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Qute Kaye is an indicator….

That Life knocks hard no matter who you are
That your friends are not your friends
That we only remember fallen geniuses in their dire times.

That our talents can only take us so far if we have no discipline.
That we need to plan our futures well.

That we also need to park our cars in safe places I guess.The pain of walking up to a car with no indicators or side mirrors is unbearable. When you are forced to curse in your mother tongue, it is never good.

Some fools choose the wrong time to ruin your day. Well, was it worth it? Did a side mirror add a strand of hair to your head? Are you satisfied? Hell‘s fire is waiting for you, thieving somebody. You can sneak away all you want but you cannot run away from your sins. A thief has only 40 days you know. We all want the thief dead.

It is understandable but do we take a moment to think of what could have made them that way? I am sure no one is born a thief, unless you are Uganda’s telecom companies of course, who steal with impunity. Those give theft a new beginning. Thieves are shaped by the world, the situations they face, the people around them. A world taken away from them is bound to make them respond in the same way. Judge not.

When I saw pictures of faded singer Qute Kaye going viral on social media, my heart was heavy. He was allegedly caught red-handed stealing car indicators and I instantly found everything unbelievable. Whereas I knew his struggles in the past, it had never dawned on me that he would hit rock-bottom that bad.

To the extent of stealing? Nuh. We are always quick to assume that these celebs are beyond belief yet we get humbled everytime their stories of suffering break out. Well, I was humbled and surprised by how someone so talented could fall to that extent.

It is not just famous people dealing with demons. Everyone has some kind of demons they are dealing with, so respect them. Now imagine Qute Kaye has all these struggles to face with no one around him. The same person who melted hearts with his baritone in Ginkese, the one who was a big hit around town is now alone and earning his bread off stolen indicators.

It is a cruel world. These so called friends who want a piece of you when you are on top are quick to throw you off the podium when stuff hits the fan. We are challenged to keep the right people around us. It is good for sanity and also survival when the worst comes to the worst.

For those closest to him, encourage him.You just never know when life turns around for you too. If you have someone who is in a dark place, hang in there for them. Maybe you are the last indicator of hope that they need.

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