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Winnie Nwagi on her way out of Swangz Avenue



Like Irene Ntale’s story, it all starts out as just some ‘tabloid trash’ but then when you look at the signs, it all begins to hold water.

What are we talking about? Well, word reaching our desk is that Winnie Nwagi’s contract at Swangz Avenue is expiring in a few months and as the months close in, things do not seem to be looking good.

You will remember that when Irene Ntale left Swangz, Nwagi was pitted as the label’s next big star, but then came Vinka.

The former Ntale manager came and spread like a wildfire, casting Nwagi into the shadows. Although we have seen Nwagi pose for selfies with Vinka and even post an adorable message for Vinka’s birthday on Tuesday, do not let that fool you because we hear Nwagi is sad and may want out when her contract ends.

The little bird that whispered to us says Nwagi’s dissatisfaction majorly stems from the fact that for the time she has been at Swangz, her management has not considered organising a concert or even a mere Listeners party for her.

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