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Wavamunno loses cool at Mukikade show

Gordon Wavamunno

During the just-concluded Tugende Mukikadde show, city businessman Gordon Wavamunno lost his cool and lashed out at the night’s emcee Andrew Kyamagero.

This was after Kyamagero auctioned a painting with acts from last year’s edition. “Why are you wasting people’s precious time? We have paid millions to come and enjoy ourselves and get rid of our stress but you are here extorting us.”

The former WBS TV owner was so furious that the emcee was seen begging the ground to swallow him. However when contacted, Kyamagero explained that the blame should have gone to the organisers of the show.

“It has never been my habit nor any other emcee’s to extort money from revellers. The organisers are the ones who plan this, but sometimes even with advice from us, they never listen,” he said.

He added that he was actually happy when Wava ranted about the embarrassing incident because he had earlier shared the mishap with the organisers.

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