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Songwriter Oman Rafiki opens own studio

Songwriter Yese Oman Rafiki has been in the studio long enough to know that the world of retail music is changing fast. To keep up with the fast evolving industry, the artistic writer has decided to open his own studio and record label, which he named Route Entertainment.

The label located in Soya, Bunga, has already started work and from what we hear, the label will target the next big names in local music. Matter of fact, signings are already underway with former dancer Sharon Peyton being the first to join the Soya-based label.

Peyton has followed the paths of a number of artistes such as Sheebah and Jackie Chandiru who transitioned from dancing to singing. Peyton has featured in multiple music videos and worked with various artistes and with the touch of Rafiki, she could join the ranks of Vinka, Sheebah and Irene Ntale. Rafiki is set to unveil Peyton as he unveils his new studio at a do this Sunday.

“We have not started this to fail; we will sign artistes, write music, shoot music videos and we will advise artistes on how to go about the copyright law,” Rafiki said. Rafiki is the brain behind hits such as Kabulengane, Mbozi Za Malwa, Sente by Bebecool, Kano Koze by Winnie Nwagi, Kyolowoza by Irene ntale, Malaika and Chips na Ketchup by Vinka, among others. Well, what can we say? Good stuff man, and all the best!

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