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How to be…the notorious Kanye West




He has been called all sorts of names and for the world, Kanye West is better off social media. For quite some time, the singer/designer was off social but two weeks after reactivating his accounts, Kanye was trending on Twitter following his comments on Trump and slavery.

Rapper/fashion designer/entrepreneur Kanye West has been in the news lately for doing the most Kanye West things ever. As you all know, that never goes well. Once Kanye speaks, the whole world stops for a minute to authenticate his sanity. He is the cousin you hide when you host visitors at a family gathering because he will embarrass you with a smile. To Kanye, he is simply being himself. That means thinking and talking different from the crowd.

That also automatically makes him the world’s most hated and misunderstood man. For a Black man of his celebrity status to come out and express support for the Trump government or even carelessly state that the slavery era was “by choice”, Kanye invited the wolves.

Strangely, it is this rebellious attitude that has made him a household name in rap music and fashion. He made the whole world wear his ugly ‘yeezy’ sneakers around the time everyone seemed to bash them. His music sounds like illuminati hymns and guess what, everyone is listening. He is like a migraine that will not go away.

Whether we disinfect ourselves of his outbursts and unusual behaviour, Kanye’s influence on hip hop culture is painfully visible. He is entertainment in the real meaning of the word and we are all stupidly subscribed for it. One thing is for sure, Kanye will walk his madness to the bank while your favourite idler will scribble down his sorrows under the influence of some cold katogo. A tale of different worlds but I will comfortably guide you through this. Wanna be like the ego god, I gotchu.

Be egoistic
For the peeps whose English is elementary level, egoistic means to ‘think you are big’. As in, you look at everyone as minions while you tower all over them with ease. Of course all this plays out in your head. You basically view everyone the same way an iPphone would do to a Tecno or a Mercedes to a Vitz. With a side eye.

In Kanye West’s eyes, everyone looks or sounds miserable. And he feels the urge everytime to let everyone know how miserable they are. Do you feel dragged by mediocrity around you? Do you feel that some people who are perceived as the best are actually amateurs in your world? Or do you feel that you have outgrown everyone around you? Pick the best moment to call them out one by one. Prepare to do this at a family gathering, school re-union or office party. Embarassment fits well in such settings.

Kanye’s playgrounds are award shows because that is where he will get the most buzz for being idiotic. You too can throw your weight around for the world to see. Speak loud, show up announced, breathe in people’s faces, and let everyone drink your sweat for thanksgiving.

Controversial Kanye
When you are Kanye, you do not think or do things like everyone else. And while your craziest thoughts scare you, Kanye’s stimulate him. Only Kanye could have interrupted singer Taylor Swift’s award reception moment the way he did. It is in his nature to cause trouble.

If you are Kanye crazy (okay there is no Kanye crazy but if you come close, good enough), let yourself out. Populist thoughts are for the weak.

While so many people look at President Trump as the enemy, Kanye West sees him as a gummy bear. The BFF he never had, the ‘shibubu’ to his heart. It is all love. His thoughts and beliefs are not your cup of tea or meant to be. What you call controversy, he calls a lifestyle. So you my friend can follow suit.

To be like ‘Kanyesigye’, be prepared to burn the roofs to have your ideas heard. If they will not listen, turn the mics off. Live your life on the edge like you were doing auditions for jail. If something does not get you the right amount of abuse, it is not for you. Drop it.

Be creative
Uhmm let’s see. Ripped shirts or jeans have never excited me but many youngins seem to have enjoyed Kanye’s creative works. Unfortunately, swag these days is basically looking like you came out of combat so there is nothing we can do.
If you want to be like Kanye West, look for the idea that looks like a drunkard’s midas touch and go with that.That is where the magic is. To get to Kanye’s level of creativity as a fashion designer, deploy a razor. It is that simple.
Oh well, go be like Bba wa Kim Kardashian, Kanye!

Twitter: @InK_era35


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