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Godfrey Kirumira’s son survives nasty accident

City businessman Godfrey Kirumira is a sad man right now, but he is also grateful to God for sparing the life of his son Gideon Kirumira, after he survived a nasty accident a few weeks ago.

The accident, which almost cost the young Kirumira his life happened at a junction that heads to his father home in Kansanga.

His Toyota Camry was damaged beyond repair and from what we gathered, the senior Kirumira compensated the owner of the damaged car, while his son, who is also a recent father of twins, was taken to Nairobi for treatment.

Gideon suffered a broken arm. “I got a successful operation from Nairobi. I cannot say I am fully recovered but the arm is not as bad as it was after the accident.

At least I can move my fingers,” he said. Sources close to the family say by the time of the accident, Gideon had just returned from China where he had gone for some business transactions and had not rested for two days. We wish him a quick recovery.

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