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Betty Kamya asks for witch doctor

Betty Kamya


Today’s early morning downpour has not only caused floods in a number of slums but also disrupted the International Labor Day celebrations being held in Sembabule district.

Apparently Kampala minister Beti Kamya was not at all impressed with the persistent drizzle that was raining on their parade and asked for a sorcerer to send back the rain.

Kamya, who was received by the Mawogola North MP, Hon Sam Kuteesa was heard asking if the people of Sembabule did not have sorcerers to stop the disturbing drizzle.

Kamya was heard saying: “Eno temuyina balogo ba nkuba?” (Loosely translated to mean ‘don’t you have sorcerers this side to stop this rain).

Unfortunately Kuteesa simply laughed her off. Well for now it looks like Kamya eventually found the sorcerer seeing that the rain eventually let up.

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