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Show stopper: Kenyan celebs fight to catch Zari’s attention

Zari Hassan Kenya

We do not know if it’s her looks or if people just want to have a look at the woman that attempted to tame Diamond Platnumz, but everywhere Zari Hassan goes, she steals the show.

How else would you explain how Kenyan celebs would trip over themselves to catch a glimpse of the Ugandan socialite while others followed her around, all in a desperate attempt to be seen with her?

The mother of five is currently in Kenya for the Colour Purple concert held at Uhuru Gardens today in Nairobi.


But all day yesterday she was the topic of discussion on Kenyan social media platforms not forgetting being hosted on a number of television stations. That would have been understandable as she was clearly raising hype for the concert. However, the number of Kenyan celebrities that flocked around her as if they were groupies shocked many.

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Quite a number of female celebrities seem to have been waiting for Zari with all the patience in the world. Tens of them flocked around her as she toured different places and schools upon landing in the country. Gospel singer Size 8, Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi and DJ Pierra Makena were just but a few local celebrities who could not give the Ugandan socialite space to breathe as she moved around.


Size 8 who was representing SoftCare Pampers, a brand that Zari also represents, was among the notorious lot as she was all over Zari. While it is normal to linger around a celebrity, quite a number of Kenyans found it off for Size 8 and her group, to behave as Zari’s groupie.

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Zari visited a number of schools where she distributed sanitary pads to girls. The mumpreneur (as she likes to be called) also planted trees and visited several mothers in a number of Nairobi hospitals.

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