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Four One One

Prince Harry is marrying his ‘frog’’

Prince Harry wedding

Prince Harry and Megan Markle. COURTESY PHOTO

Our colonial masters have a royal wedding this weekend with Prince Harry walking his American bae, Meghan Markle down the aisle. It is the least hyped royal wedding ever.

Silly me thought it was just their ‘kukyala’. That is what happens when you get used to Ugandan things of marrying in installments. Mbu your hype has to start small at a kukyala, grow steadily at a give away, rise at the kasiki and explode at the wedding. It is a trail of unnecessary things, really. You Ugandans surely have a lot of time to waste.

Whites will seal the deal there and then without much ado. But quite honestly, I still expected more hype about the royal wedding. These royals make weddings appear out of this world, traditional yet so classy and covered by some of the top news media houses. It is fascinating to watch and dreamy for any teenage girl. Marrying a prince is the ultimate prize for any girl in Britain and even Uganda.

I think one of the reasons Britain is not too psyched about Prince Harry’s wedding is his choice of partner. Meghan, former actress on the hit series Suits is of mixed race (which is unheard of for anyone to be Royal) and recently divorced. It has actually been reported that she has been racially abused and there is no surprise there.

Harry, unlike his elder brother, William, has always been viewed as the bad boy of the family, a reputation he created for himself in his 20s. He partied hard and was highly irresponsible, misgivings that could be blamed on age and the weight of royalty. That can happen to anyone, depending on someone’s character.

For this, the British media has been unforgetful and Prince Harry is not ‘worthy’ of a princely send-off. Something they cannot outrightly admit but it is glaring before our eyes. Here is a man so in love with his chick that he is ready to stand the prejudice of some of his conservative royal family members, the country, the world and choose to marry her. I respect Prince Harry for this.

He will walk down the aisle, happy while some nugu soldiers will sit on the sidelines and wish for what could have been. What they thought was right for them. He chose to look beyond the pettiness of race and follow his heart.

So what I am saying is, there will always be many commentators in your ears telling you what they think is right for you without knowing how you feel but chill. If Shrek is what you have chosen, it is also fine.

If your Kibirige is a Shrek in the face, an ex-war veteran, a recovering alcoholic and is hated by your entire lineage, sometimes you have got to stand firm. Look them in the eye and let them know that one frog is worth a thousand more princes. Take that creature to the aisle. It is your heart and your choices.

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