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Kazoora’s coat gets torn on stage as he attempts to out dance Wembley Mo


Kazoora on stage

Veteran MC JK Kazoora, yesterday suffered a wardrobe malfunction while dancing at the launch of MTN’s Momo Nyabo promotion. Kazoora had won a tight blue suit which would make you question how he got into it. While launching the Momo Nyabo dance with new dancer on the scene, Wembley Mo, the coat got a slight tear that many audience members noticed. Kazoora who was lost in dance did not realize what had happened. It was not until the end of the show that the MC realized his peeping armpit, forcing him to run off stage.


In the circle, is the torn part on the coat.

This happened after Kazoora, who ditched Airtel for MTN, threw jabs at his former employer whom he referred to as the ‘red noisy neighbors’

“For eight years I have been with the red noisy neighbors. So for the last two weeks I have been going through my trust fund contract and I can tell you guys the plans we have are massive,” he said, bragging that the MTN pay check is set to send him into early retirement.

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