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In Kenya, you will be arrested or fined Ksh1m for bathing hot water

Bathing hot water in Kenya

If you are going to take a hot bath in Kenya, you are better off using solar power, otherwise you will find yourself behind the bars

There is no doubt that cold weather can be so tough for most people, compelling a large number to either boil water before a bath or turn on the water heater.
Whereas in Uganda, the water heater maybe just another addition to the electricity bill, the story is different for our neighbors in Kenya.

The Kenya Energy Regulatory Commission yesterday published a notice stating that inspectors would be visiting homes around the country to ensure that solar system regulations are followed.

Do you know what this means? Households using over 100 liters of hot water everyday and are yet to install solar heating systems risk a KShs1m (about UShs37m) fine or one- year jail term or both.

This implies that every household that uses at least five 20-liter jerry cans of water to bathe will be expected to have a solar heating system.

According to, the regulations were first published in 2012 and the commission has been extending the deadline to allow landlords, home and hotel owners time to comply.

The last deadline had been set as May 25 2017 after which the commission’s director general Pavel Oimeke said ERC would give property owners six more months to enable them to arrange for the financing and installation of solar water heaters.

“Following the lapse of the deadline, the ERC is currently carrying out surveillance visits on buildings under construction and random spot checks on existing premises to ensure compliance with the regulations,” the Wednesday notice read in part.

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