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I was relieved when my nudes were leaked- Kleith Kyatuhaire

Kleith Kyatuhaire says she was releived when her nudes were released. COURTESY PHOTO

While many wail and go into hiding when their nude pictures or sex videos are leaked, the story is different for former NTV presenter Kleith Kyatuhaire.

Kyatuhaire whose nude pictures were leaked by unknown people over a year ago finally spoke out the scenario last Friday, in a radio interview with Sanyu FM’s Crystal Newman.

“My bag was robbed as I entered Makerere University through the small gate. Six months later, someone called and said they had my nudes. But I was so sure the phone that was stolen with the bag had nothing on it, so I told them to feel free to publish them,” she said.

“People had so many stories; they would say that they even have a video. I had even forgotten what those pics looked like. In fact if I knew, in this era how nudes are, I would have posed even sexier. So when they finally came out, I was relieved,” she added.

Kyatuhaire who has long disappeared from our screens also said that she failed to complete her Library and information sciences course at Makerere University.

“I like to read books and I thought this course would be as interesting as the books, but it wasn’t that interesting. And then I had so much going on at that time,” she said.

“All things were falling in place, I was the Warid ambassador, paka last was going on. I big up to people who study and work and balance both. I just decided I would always come back to Makerere.”

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