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B2C’s Mr Lee reveals his ideal woman

Mr Lee

B2C’s Mr Lee

Mugisha Richard also known as Mr Lee is a member of the B2C music group and a resident of Makindye. He was born in 1992 and a first born of five children.

1. What is your typical day like?
I wake up at round 11am or midday and I find something to eat. I watch TV for some time, play football with friends and in case I have performances at night I prepare what to wear to the show at 5pm.
2. When did you join the music industry?
In 2007, during my Senior Two and my first song was Number.
3. What has been the most embarrassing moment?
I remember before we became known we were denied an opportunity to perform yet we had prepared for show.
4. If you were not a musician, what then would you be?
I pursued a bachelor’s in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Skills, I would have been a professional businessman or manager.

B2C members

5. What can’t you do without?
Social media, music, and football. I cannot spend a day without any of them.
6. What is your best fashion trend?
Fashion changes but give me Jeans, T- shirts and sneakers on fleek any day.
7. What do you miss about your high school?
8. What do you cook best?
Omelet, It is easy and takes a short time to prepare.
9 Who is your role model?
I have a number of them, I always pick a leaf where necessary.
10. Who is your ideal woman?

The one I am comfortable with, one that is lovely, God-fearing, intelligent, friendly and beautiful.

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