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Faridah started the fight by calling me a dog, says Justine Nameere


A photo montage of Justine Nameere and Faridah Nakazibwe

It looks like the dog fight between TV personalities, Faridah Nakazibwe and Justine Nameere is far from over.

Nameere accuses Nakazibwe of spreading false information against her in order to save her (Faridah’s) marriage.

In what most have described as a fight back, Nameere claims it was Nakazibwa who started the fight.

She says Faridah started sending her messages in August 2016 that someone tried to malign her (Faridah) before her husband using her (Justine’s) Facebook account.

At the time, Justine says she had just come out of a political campaign.

“And when I was in hospital shortly after I had had an operation, she sent me furious messages. You dog you this. You Kampala girls, you this!” says Justine.

When asked whether she was not just making up words, Justine said “I read anger in her messages. She called me a liar.”

In the interviews, Justine says they were just good workmates at the time they were working for the same media house.

The drama

This Easter season social media followers were treated to unimaginable drama when the TV personalities took to the boxing ring.
The updates that begun making rounds on April 1 (Fools’ day) were initially rubbished as pranks from the two well respected women.

Faridah threw the first punch in the public ring saying that Justine has been using fake Facebook pages to bad mouth her to her (Faridah’s) husband.
Next was Justine who revealed that Faridah is just jealous of her even though she is way older than her.

The memes, as usual, flowed in albeit slowly as this is a fight most enjoyed reading posts from the warring women.
Facebook photoshop celebrity Sesa Bat has come up with one that caught our eyes.
Next was comedian Conan Tumusiime who made a parody video of the two celebs spitting fire on a television show.

Like many have said, their fight was probably part of the reason President Museveni proposed taxes on social media users. Nevertheless it has arguably been the most interesting social media fight since the beginning of the year.

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