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Jose Chameleon apologises to Bobi Wine


Bobi Wine an Chameleone at a past event. FILE PHOTO

During Golden band’s Catherine Kusasira and Fred Sseruga introduction a few days ago, Chameleon made headlines over a confrontation with TV presenter Jospehat Seguya and splashing money into the spectators.

He did this while Bobi Wine was performing and to many music fans, this kind of action was to basically divert fans from the performance of the musician cum Member of Parliament for Kyaddondo East.

However, Chameleon has come out and apologized for his actions saying that it was never his intention to interfere with the performance of the man he highly regards in the music industry.

“I humbly request my fans and all the people to forgive me for what I did. I did not intend to obstruct my brother Bobi Wine. I actually didn’t see him. Bobi Wine is an honorable, a fellow musician and I can’t disrespect him like that,” Chameleon said.

He also went ahead and said that he splashed money because his fans at the introduction ceremony which happened in Luweero District, asked him for it.

Chameleon whose real name is Joseph Mayanja has always been known for pulling stunts on different shows which convinced many that he did all this intentionally.

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